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The Paradox of health information;

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

"Animal and dietary fat is saturated and will kill you! If not, it will raise your cholesterol, block your arteries and make You fat!

"Carbs are bad for you, they make you fat!"

"Eating protein from meat will kill you and the planet! "


With so much contradicting information out there, it isn't easy to navigate!

It is all about combination and timing....

Fats and Carbs don't make you fat or sick in the right amounts. It's the combination of them in excess that is bad. Processed food high on carbs and fat contains little protein. Protein is what signals satiety to the brain. This is the real reason why it's so easy to over eat on junk food and tasty treats you find in bakeries, cafeterias, gas stations etc.

Science shows us that the body signals hunger by hormonal transmitters (ghrelin) until needed amounts of protein is absorbed. If you eat a lot of food with high amounts of carbs and fat, you have to eat so much before your brain hormonally signals satiety, (leptin), that the total caloric intake will by far exceed what you are able to burn unless you run a marathon or climb Mount Everest. The older you get, the less effective your body is to burn those extra calories.

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