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Background - the science behind 

Athletic Biotuning (ABT) is a health & fitness lifestyle method based on Nobel medical prize awarded research in chronobiology* and clinical evidence from a groundbreaking pioneering medical nutrition method for treatment of metabolic and autoimmune disorders, developed by international leading specialists in the field. The method has shown sensational  results in improvement of body composition and general health biomarkers. The further development and conversion into a sustainable fitness lifestyle method for most people has been led by the Norwegian nutrition & fitness specialized physiotherapist, Børre Bendiksen (Read more... )

It all started with studying new science research in chronobiology and effects of macronutrient adaptation and timing to the body's different metabolic needs in daily micro-cycles. Inspiration came also from groundbreaking results from a treatment method of diabetes 2 and metabolic syndrome, using time restricted nutrition with macronutrient adaptation instead of standard mainstream treatment methods using insulin injections and caloric restriction diets. The standard method that most physicians still prescribe, have shown long term almost ineffective in treating the real underlying cause of the disorder, it only treat the symptoms.


The experiences from the clinical method are highly transferable to anyone without any metabolic disorder, since the chronobiologic nutrition method simply re-sensitizes and naturally boosts metabolic and anabolic processes that slows down with age, a degenerative process that is accelerated with a modern Western eating pattern. The nutritional protocol has shown extremely effective as a lifestyle method to improve fitness and general heath, specially if combined with an anabolic stimulating resistance training program. 


These discoveries have contributed to the development of a sustainable health & fitness method that biologically tunes ("Biotuning") and resets metabolic and anabolic hormonal processes back towards younger days more efficient and healthier levels.


The main motivation behind the project has been a vision of creating a sustainable lifestyle method for most people that resets body composition and general health to optimize life quality and maximize the possibility of being able to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle and practice sport activities far into elder-hood. ​ 

The research and method testing has led to results that by far surpassed the expectations of to what degree it was possible to prevent and reverse age- and lifestyle related loss in strength, muscle mass and mobility. Inspired by the impressing method testing results produced in Norway, Athletic Biotuning is now available as an international online coaching service. 

Main criteria for resulting in sustainable success, a lifestyle method has to be long term effective, low entry, easy and pleasant to follow, adaptable to any life situation, being job, family and social life. This is exactly what Athletic Biotuning is!

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