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Has your body changed over the years to no longer match your youthful sporty identity or does increased body weight, reduced fitness or frequent minor health issues or joint pain limit your quality of life or performance in your favorite activities?

​Have you tried different methods to optimize your health and develop a more youthful athletic body, reduce your body fat percentage or build muscle, without sustainable results that makes a difference?

Do you think age, bad genetics or too little willpower is the reason you have failed?


Recent internationally recognized research shows that standardized diets and training methods with a focus on calorie restriction and cardio training have no impact whatsoever on the most common underlying, root cause behind the development of body composition with a health-reducing elevated fat percentage and reduced muscle mass:

Lifestyle-related systemic hormonal imbalance in metabolism and appetite regulation resulting in insulin resistance and loss of metabolic flexibility.


We are all born as metabolic flexible fat burners, but a modern Western diet has converted most of us into fat-storing sugar burners in constant "storage-mode", dependent on frequent snacking to have energy to perform and feel well! ​


The hormonal imbalances reduce the body's evolutionary ability to frequently switch to burn stored body fat as a primary energy source and make the feeling of hunger and satiety no longer matches the body's real nutritional needs. This puts the body in an almost constant "storage-mode" which makes weight management and the reversal of unhealthy body composition an endless battle against unpleasant drops in blood sugar and energy supply. This struggle against hormonal hunger signaling requires so much willpower that very few succeed with lasting results and is the main reason why obesity is the biggest threat to public health we face today. ​


The good news is that groundbreaking recent research backed up by impressive clinical evidence have provided a new biological understanding of how slowed down metabolic hormonal processes that regulate body composition and vital health biomarkers, can effectively be trained to restore a balanced effectivenes through a  chronobiological* adapted nutritional pattern. This new knowledge has led to the development of Athletic Biotuning, a game-changing lifestyle method that resets metabolic and anabolic hormonal processes back towards younger days significantly more efficient levels, making weight adjustment and reversal of physical decline surprisingly easily achievable for most people at any age, 100% naturally.

Investing 5 minutes reading further will give you insight intto how easy you too can be to make a life-changing reset of your body composition, physical capacity and longevity health!...


The ABT-method  is based on award-winning science research* and clinical evidence from a

ground-breaking pioneering medical nutritional treatment method for reversal of age- and lifestyle related metabolic imbalances and insulin resistance developed by internationally leading specialists in the field, has shown sensational clinical results in improvement of body composition and vital health biomarkers. The clinical method has been further developed by Norwegian nutrition & fitness specialized health professionals and converted into a life-changing health & fitness lifestyle method for most people.


Athletic Biotuning has made it possible and suprisingly easy for most people at ANY age to release unexploited genetic potential for athletic lean body composition, physical performance and longevity health, WITHOUT unpleasant and unsustainable nutritional sacrifices, overwhelming training programs or hormone replacement therapy!

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Take a look at what the Athletic Biotuning™ method has done for others:

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How is it possible?  

The chronobiologic nutrition methods of Athletic Biotuning™ work on a systemic hormonal level, re-sensitizing and reactivating slowed down metabolic & anabolic processes and longevity health biomarkers back towards younger days far more healthier levels. 

Adapting macro-nutrient food selection and timing to your chronobiological real nutritional needs can totally change your body's hormonal response to nutrition and training within a few weeks! This in contrast to standard caloric restriction diets, which only treat the symptoms and not the real cause behind impaired energy partitioning and an development of an unhealthy body composition, are hard and unpleasant to follow and seldom give long term results. By restoring insulin sensitivity and metabolic efficiency you will experience that the feeling of hunger will start to correlate to your body's real nutritional needs. The result is a life-changing new situation for most people, were you can eat tasty & nutrient rich food you really like until satiated at all meals while getting and staying lean! 

Epigenetic "Low-Responder" Game Changer!

Do you experience that your body composition has changed over the years and no longer fully keeps up with your sporty identity or ambitions for performance and joy in your favorite sport activity? Have you become heavier, less flexible, weaker or more prone to injuries, joint pain or health issues?

Have you tried different diets or training methods without obtaining the results you hoped for? Do you consider yourself as a "low-responder" with bad genetics that limits you from success in your effort to achieve a healthy low body fat percentage or to build muscle? 


Failing or weak fitness results are in most cases not caused by genetic limitations. The main reason behind lacking fitness results, high body fat percentage, low muscle mass and premature physical decay are normally a combination of:

  •  Systemic hormonal imbalances with slowed down anabolic and metabolic processes and insulin resistance as a result of a modern western eating pattern.

  • Absence of adequate muscle stimulation with enough intensity for a hypertrophic protein synthesis signalling.


The result is a body with lost sensitivity to it's own hormones that are essential for effective energy partitioning and protein synthesis, main processes that regulate body fat percentage, muscle mass, cellular aging and health biomarkers.

Athletic Biotuning™ has made it surprisingly easy to reverse lifestyle related hormonal imbalances and physical decay.

 Effects of Athletic Biotuning™ 

  • Reactivates fallen metabolic and anabolic hormonal sensitivity and production

  • Increases protein synthesis and recovery ability, resulting in quicker restitution and more muscle growth

  • Stimulates the use of ketones from stored body fat as main fuel source WITHOUT the sacrifice and inconvenience of a daily low-carb/high fat diet! = You can eat more of the food food you really like and get & stay lean! 

  • Promotes a significantly healthier body composition; increased muscle mass/reduced fat mass/reduction of harmful visceral fat (internal belly fat)

  • Reducess insulin resistance and stabilizes blood sugar

  • Reduces general inflammation and boosts your immune system

  • Stimulates cognitive brain function and concentration

  • Improves sleep, mood and increases stress tolerance

  • Reduces harmful cholesterol (LDL) 

  • Increases bone and ligament density - reduces the risk of fractures & joint injuries 

  • Improves general health & longevity health biomarkers

  • Increased and significantly more stable energy supply

  • Activates renewal of aged and diseased cells through autophagy 

"Go from carb dependent storage mode to fat burning & anabolic muscle building mode, WITHOUT the need of a restrictive and unpleasant diet or overwhelming training!"

How ABT Works
The effects of  Athletic biotuning are produced by a flexible, auto-regulating nutrition pattern based on strategic macro-nutrient selection and timing, adapted to your body's activity dependent and chronobiologically changing and highly different real nutritional needs.  Auto-regulating means that you reestablishing an efficient balance between the hunger and satiety hormones grehlin & leptin,  making them correlate with your body's real nutritional and energy needs and makes it far more efficient at switching to using stored body fat as main fuel source.  After only a few weeks of  ABT practice most people experience that crawings for snacks between meals are history.

The results can be further maximized if combined with the anabolic stimulating, hypertrophy focused ABT resistance training program. The combination and interaction of these methods significantly reactivates inter-cellular anabolic signaling and trigger a strong and prolonged muscle protein synthesis response, maximizing the ability to build muscle and burn body fat, not at the same time, but in short micro-cycles, several times a week.

The human body is extremely adaptable and in only 2-4 weeks most people will start to go through significant hormonal and physical changes, without unpleasant hunger or the need of exhausting cardio training as a tool to loose weight. Already after 4 weeks will most people experience noticeable physical and energy improvements. 
Athletic Biotuning™ is easy and pleasant to follow as a permanent lifestyle method for most people. Unlike all other nutrition methods; when adapted to the flexible & auto-regulating eating pattern of Athletic Biotuning, you can eat normal, tasty & nutrient rich food you really like until satiated at all meals while getting and staying lean! 
(Read more...)

​Do You Qualify? 

You must be willing to commit to make small nutritional & lifestyle changes and let you motivate and be guided by experienced health professionals. You will be surprised by how easy and pleasant it is to follow the flexible, auto-regulatory lifestyle methods of Athletic Biotuning™ and how quickly your energy levels, feeling of well being and body composition will improve.

 Are you too ready to make a life-changing health & fitness reset?


We Can Do This Together! 

-Online programs & coaching with experienced fitness-physiotherapist specialized in nutrition, optimization of body composition and metabolic health. ​In-person VIP personal training, nutrition & lifestyle coaching in Oslo & Bærum

Get your personal online-coach and start your transformation now!



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The service is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of injuries, disorders or diseases. Although the methods used in ABT do not pose any known increased health risk compared to other fitness exercise and diet, medical screening of blood values and a general health check with a doctor before starting and during the Athletic Biotuning program are recommended as a preventive safety measure that should be taken with the start up of any new fitness regimen! Athletic Biotuning is not responsible for any consequences of underlying illness or injury, as well as for any injuries or health conditions that may occur during the practice of recommended exercise or diet.

The results of Athletic Biotuning (ABT) will vary from person to person, depending on genetic predisposition, training experience, health status, age and personal effort.


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