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If you have followed Official Health Authorities' and most Physichian's standardized guidelines for good health, weight management and reversing obesity you have probably tried:

# calorie restriction 

# frequent small meals 

# Low fat choices

# cardio training

Telling people to eat little and often and do more cardio is advice that it's easy to see doesn't work well. It can actually make it even more difficult to develop and maintain a healthy lean body composition. If the method had worked well, obesity and related diseases would not have been the biggest global health problem we face today.


If you have followed a modern Western diet and the standardized advice to eat little and often over a long period of time, you have learned and programmed your metabolism to prioritize to fuel your body with easily available energy from your last meal. This suppresses the essential homeostatic hormonal processes that regulate energy partitioning, fat storage and appetite (Insulin/GLP-1/ Leptin) and inactivates metabolic flexibility, the inborn autoregulating homeostatic ability to frequently switch to using body fat as a primary energy source. The result is a dependence on frequent eating and snacking to have enough sugar in the bloodstream to function well physically and mentally.


Simply put, you've gone from being an efficient metabolic flexible fat burner to a hormone resistant, carb dependent sugar burner. The result is that your body remains in an almost constant energy-saving fat storing mode. 

Why calorie restriction seldom works in the long run!

Trying to eat less than your appetite demands to reduce body fat is an unpleasant fight against your hormonal hunger signalling and an unsustainable weight management method for most people, which in best case results in short term success. Prolonged calorie restriction can actually worsen the situation, since it often results in starvation mode (severe reduction in metabolic burn rate) and loss of muscle mass, the organ responsible for metabolic and anabolic efficiency and longevity health!

The Cardio-Carb-Loop...

Many people use cardio as a tool to lose weight. Cardio training burns calories, but mainly in form of sugar in your blood stream from your last meal and seldom taps into burning calories from stored body fat. Even high intensity cardio has little prolonged after burning effect, it can actually make it harder to lose weight, since it increases hunger and the risk of over eating. Resistance training on the other hand, elevates your metabolic burn rate at rest significantly up to 36 hours after a session with adequate intensity. Do cardio training to achieve cardio-vascular health effect. It can be done through sport activities you enjoy if you don't like running or cycling.

New science technology breakthrough!

The development of new advanced medical analyzing technology has lead to revolutionary research discoveries that has given us a completely new biologic understanding of what is the real, underlying cause behind the health threatening gradual increase in body fat percentage that most adults in the Western world experience today, and why calorie restriction that official health authorities still advise, often makes the problem worse.

New technology has revealed the surprising fact that muscles are endocrine organs with hormone producing glands that are highly involved in the processes that regulate energy partitioning and body composition. These discoveries show us that restricting calories to reduce body fat is only a symptom treatment that has no healing effect on the real problem. Prolonged calorie restriction leads often to loss of muscle mass witch can further worsen the situation. Maintaining muscle mass is essential to prevent loss of functional ability and early biological ageing, as well as vital recovery ability in the event of serious injury and illness with prolonged bed rest.

Resent internationally recognized research confirms that lifestyle related high body fat percentage and loss of muscle mass only are physical symptoms of an underlying systemic hormonal imbalance, most often caused by a biologically unfavorable eating pattern with frequent small meals and poor food choices that keeps the insulin levels high. This leads to metabolic resistance and hormonal imbalance, which means that more of food you eat goes to fat storage and less to recovery and rebuilding of muscles, bones and connective tissue. The intestines are never given time to recover enough between meals to restore a healthy bacterial gut flora and sensitivity to insulin and the satiety signaling hormone Leptin. This makes the body enter an almost constant fat storing mode, reduced protein synthesis and loss of metabolic flexibility, the body's evolutionary inborn ability to efficiently switch between energy sources and frequently prioritizing stored body fat as the primary energy source.

In healthy, normal-weight people, appetite-regulating hormonal processes act as a thermostat that ensures that a feeling of satiety occurs when the body has received enough nutrition to maintain its genetic natural weight set point. In obese people, this natural auto-regulating mechanism is out of balance due to reduced hormonal sensitivity to the fat-storing hormone insulin and the satiety signaling hormone Leptin. (Ref: Grehlin & Leptin explained)


Attempting to starve the fat cells by eating less and leaner food is therefore only symptomatic treatment which creates an unpleasant feeling of hunger and a drop in blood sugar which reduces mental and physical well-being and performance. It becomes a battle that most people give up over time and which has zero effect on the underlying hormonal causes behind the gradually increasing fat percentage. A long-term large calorie deficit can actually worsen the situation, as it very often results in a slowing down of the metabolism, so-called "starvation mode", which means that the body enters an emergency mode where it burns fewer and fewer calories the less you eat and starts to deplete amino acids from the muscles. This leads to a very unfortunate loss of muscle mass and further slows down weight loss, even if you try to further limit your food intake. Cardio training mainly burns sugar available in the bloodstream from the last meal instead of body fat, in addition to increasing feelings of hunger. 

Insulin works like a door opener to the fat cells: either you are in fat burning mode or in storage mode. Eating frequently elevates insulin levels, specially carbohydrate rich food, resulting in that you almost constantly stay in storage mode and very seldom switch to burning body fat for fuel.

​Are the new appetite suppressant drugs the solution?

Have you considered the new appetite suppressant drugs like Ozempic or Wegovy? They imitate the body's own appetite-regulating hormones (GLP-1 agonists) and have shown good effect on weight loss. The problem is that the medications do not cure the underlying hormonal disturbances that are the real causes behind unhealthy obesity, which means that the lost fat mass will quickly return if the medication is stopped. Since the slimming drugs reduce the feeling of hunger, many people have problems getting enough protein, which leads to a very unhealthy loss of muscle mass. A number of unpleasant, more or less serious side effects and high costs makes most people who take the drugs for obesity stop before a year has passed. After experiencing becoming significantly leaner, many people find the returned obesity and weight management even more difficult and psychologically demanding to handle than before starting on the medication.


Is it possible to reverse hormonal resistance and imbalances naturally?

The good news are that the human body is extremely adaptable and like other physiological capacities such as oxygen uptake, strength and coordination, metabolism, the body's ability to extract and utilize nutrients from food, is a capacity that also can be trained and reset to function significantly more efficiently.

Groundbreaking science research by internationally leading medical experts in the field has shown that body composition and metabolic efficiency are regulated by hormonal processes that can be trained and reset to work far more efficiently through a chronobiologic* eating pattern.

This revolutionary discoveries have led to the development of Metabolic Biotuning™ (MBT), a drug-free therapeutic lifestyle method targeted to stimulate and reset and enhance the systemic hormonal processes that regulate fat burning, muscle building and longevity health biomarkers.


In contrast to standard methods for weight management that only have effect on the symptoms, Metabolic Biotuning™ works on a systemic level, resetting the hormonal imbalances that are the underlying real cause behind obesity, difficulties building muscle and metabolic disorders.

The MBT-method  makes it surprisingly easy for most people at ANY age to succeed with sustainable health promoting reduction of body fat and building muscle mass, WITHOUT caloric restriction, exhausting training programs or chemical hormonal therapy

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 Take a look at what Metabolic and Athletic Biotuning™ has done for others:
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How is it possible? 

 Metabolic Biotuning™ and Athletic Biotuning™ are based on award-winning science research in chronobiology* and clinical evidence from a pioneering nutritional treatment method for drug free reversal of metabolic syndrome/pre-diabetes and diabetes 2, developed by internationally leading medical specialists in the field. The method has showed unexpected significant improvements in body composition in addition to effectively reverse metabolic imbalances and improve vital health bio-markers.


Inspired by the impressive clinical results, Norwegian nutrition specialized Fitness-Physiotherapist Børre Bendiksen has led the further development of the medical nutrition method and converted it into an easily living fitness lifestyle method for most people with general good health.

Metabolic Biotuning™ re-activates cell renewal and slowed down metabolic & anabolic processes that regulate body composition and longevity health biomarkers to significantly more efficient and healthier levels.


If you want to maximize your athletic transformation or emphasize building and maintenance of muscle mass, a low volume Athletic Biotuning™ resistance training protocol has been specifically developed to enhance the effects of the MBT nutrition program. The ABT-training protocol is designed to stimulate muscular hypertrophy through an unique combination of techniques for mechanical tension and metabolic stress in each session, a combination that releases a stronger and more prolonged protein synthesis signal. In addition to stimulate new muscle growth, the method has proven to be particularly effective in breaking through training plateaus with prolonged stagnation of progress in training results, unleashing untouched genetic potential regardless of age.

 Effects of Metabolic & Athletic Biotuning™ 

  • Reactivates reduced metabolic and anabolic hormonal sensitivity and production

  • Promotes a significantly healthier body composition; increased muscle mass/reduced fat mass/reduction of harmful visceral fat (internal belly fat)

  • Increases protein synthesis and recovery ability, resulting in quicker restitution

  • Reduces insulin resistance and stabilizes blood sugar

  • Reduces harmful cholesterol (LDL) and general inflammation

  • Improves sleep,  stress tolerance and general feeling of well being

  • Increases bone and ligament density - reduces the risk of fractures & joint injuries 

  • Improves general health & longevity health biomarkers

  • Increased and significantly more stable energy levels

  • Promote renewal of aged and diseased cells through autophagy 

Go from carb dependent storage mode to fat burning & anabolic mode, WITHOUT the need of a restrictive and unpleasant low carb diet!
How Metabolic Biotuning™ works

The chronobiologic* nutrition methods used in the MBT-system consist of easy to follow eating pattern with focus on giving your body food with the macro-nutrient combinations needed to optimize and enhance the different metabolic and anabolic processes your body goes through every day. The method is easy to adapt to any life or family situation, also were you don't prepare the meals yourself,  since you just follow the MBT-guidelines by taking more or less of the different meal ingredients that are served at the different meals. The method is so effective at restoring metabolic efficiency that i eliminates the need of a calorie focused strict and clean diet to stay lean, giving room for enjoying calorie dense food like pasta, pizza and deserts several days a week when metabolically adapted to the MBT-eating pattern.


Nutritional guidelines with recommended food choices adapted to your body's chronobiological and activity dependent needs are described in detail in the MBT-Nutrition E-guide.


Drug-free Hormonal Reset

The chronobiologic* nutrition methods used in the Metabolic Biotuning method promote:

  •  Reactivation of an efficient signalling and perception of the hunger and satiety hormones grehlin & leptin that correlates with your body's real nutritional needs.  

  • significantly improved Insulin sensitivity

  • Activation of auto-regulating metabolic flexibility, making your body far more efficient at switching to using stored body fat as main fuel source more frequently. 

  • Renewal of aged and diseased cells through autophagy 


The result is a life-changing new situation for most people. When hormonally adapted to this new auto-regulating eating pattern, you can eat tasty & nutrient rich food you really like until satiated at all meals while getting and staying lean! After only a few weeks of MBT practice most people experience that cravings for snacking between meals are history.


Simply explained;

Giving your body WHAT it needs,
WHEN it needs it, changes EVERYTHING!  


The hormonal effects of Metabolic Biotuning™ significantly changes how your body responds to food and training within a few weeks, unlocking new health and fitness improvements at any age. 

The results can be further maximized if combined with an anabolic stimulating, hypertrophy focused ABT resistance training program. The combination and interaction of these methods promotes inter-cellular anabolic signaling and triggers a strong and prolonged muscle protein synthesis response, maximizing the ability to build muscle and burn body fat, not at the same time, but in short micro-cycles, several times a week.

The human body is extremely adaptable and in only 2-4 weeks most people will start to go through significant hormonal and physical changes, without unpleasant hunger or the need of exhausting cardio training as a tool to loose weight. Already after 4 weeks will most people experience noticeable physical and energy improvements. 

​Do You qualify? 

You must be willing to commit to make small nutritional & lifestyle changes and let you motivate and be guided by experienced health professionals. You will be surprised by how easy and pleasant it is to follow the flexible, auto-regulatory lifestyle methods of Metabolic Biotuning™ and how quickly your energy levels, feeling of well being and body composition will improve.

Are you too ready to make a life-changing health & body transformation?

We can do this together! 

- Online programs & coaching with experienced fitness-physiotherapists specialized in nutrition, optimization of body composition and metabolic health -

​Get your personal online-coach and start your transformation now!



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The service of Athletic Biotuning(ABT) and Metabolic Biotuning(MBT) is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of injuries, disorders or diseases. Although the methods used in MBT and ABT do not pose any known increased health risk compared to other fitness exercise and diet, medical screening of blood values and a general health check with a doctor before starting and during the Athletic Biotuning program are recommended as a preventive safety measure that should be taken with the start up of any new fitness regimen! Athletic Biotuning is not responsible for any consequences of underlying illness or injury, as well as for any injuries or health conditions that may occur during the practice of recommended exercise or diet.

The results of Athletic Biotuning and Metabolic Biotuning™ will vary from person to person, depending on genetic predisposition, training experience, health status, age and personal effort.


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