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Has your body changed over the years to no longer match your youthful sporty identity or does increased body weight, reduced fitness or frequent minor health issues or joint pain limit your quality of life or performance in your favorite activities?

​Have you tried different methods to optimize your health and develop a more youthful athletic body, reduce your body fat percentage or build muscle, without sustainable results that makes a difference?

Do you think age, bad genetics or too little willpower is the reason you have failed?


Recent internationally recognized research shows that standardized diets and training methods with a focus on calorie restriction and cardio training have no impact whatsoever on the most common underlying, root cause behind the development of body composition with a health-reducing elevated fat percentage and reduced muscle mass:

Lifestyle-related systemic hormonal imbalance in metabolism and appetite regulation resulting in insulin resistance and loss of metabolic flexibility.

We are all born as metabolic flexible fat burners, but a modern Western diet has converted most of us into fat-storing sugar burners in constant "storage-mode", dependent on frequent snacking to have energy to perform and feel well! ​


The hormonal imbalances reduce the body's evolutionary ability to frequently switch to burn stored body fat as a primary energy source and make the feeling of hunger and satiety no longer matches the body's real nutritional needs. This puts the body in an almost constant "storage-mode" which makes weight management and the reversal of unhealthy body composition an endless battle against unpleasant drops in blood sugar and energy supply. This struggle against hormonal hunger signaling requires so much willpower that very few succeed with lasting results and is the main reason why obesity is the biggest threat to public health we face today. ​


The good news is that groundbreaking recent research backed up by impressive clinical evidence have provided a new biological understanding of how slowed down metabolic hormonal processes that regulate body composition and vital health biomarkers, can effectively be trained to restore a balanced effectivenes through a  chronobiological* adapted nutritional pattern. This new knowledge has led to the development of Athletic Biotuning, a game-changing lifestyle method that resets metabolic and anabolic hormonal processes back towards younger days significantly more efficient levels, making weight adjustment and reversal of physical decline surprisingly easily achievable for most people at any age, 100% naturally.

The good news is that ground-breaking research has led to a completely new biological understanding of how hormonal processes that regulate appetite, fat burning and muscle protein synthesis through simple dietary measures can be trained to restore a balanced effectiveness, completely without the use of drugs. This new knowledge, supported by very convincing clinical evidence, has led to the development of AthleticBiotuning™, a chronobiological* lifestyle method that makes weight management and the reversal of physical decline surprisingly easy to achieve and a pleasant experience for most people.

Investing 5 minutes reading further will give you insight intto how easy you too can be to make a life-changing reset of your body composition, physical capacity and longevity health!...

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