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Health benefits of Athletic Biotuning:

 Health benefits of Athletic Biotuning™ 

  • Reactivates fallen metabolic and anabolic hormonal sensitivity and production

  • Increases protein synthesis and recovery ability, resulting in quicker restitution

  • Stimulates the use of ketones from stored body fat as main fuel source WITHOUT the sacrifice and inconvenience of a daily low-carb/high fat diet! = You can eat more of the food food you really like and get & stay lean! 

  • Promotes a significantly healthier body composition; increased muscle mass/reduced fat mass/reduction of harmful visceral fat (internal belly fat)

  • Reducess insulin resistance and stabilizes blood sugar

  • Reduces general inflammation and boosts your immune system

  • Stimulates cognitive brain function and concentration

  • Improves sleep, mood and increases stress tolerance

  • Reduces harmful cholesterol (LDL) 

  • Increases bone and ligament density - reduces the risk of fractures & joint injuries 

  • Improves general health & longevity health biomarkers

  • Increased and significantly more stable energy supply

  • Activates renewal of aged and diseased cells through autophagy 

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