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 Who is Athletic Biotuning for? 

Athletic Biotuning is developed for women & men with a sporty mind and general good health. You must be willing to make small, sustainable nutritional & lifestyle changes to invest in an athletic, strong and healthy body that makes you in shape to fully enjoy an active lifestyle and the sport activities you love! You will be surprised by how easy and pleasant it is to follow the flexible, auto-regulatory lifestyle methods of Athletic Biotuning and how quickly your energy levels, feeling of well being and body composition will improve.

Regardless of if you are out of shape or an advanced competition athlete and need assistance to release the last 10% of your genetic potential in performance and athletic body composition, we can help you to become the best & healthiest version of yourself, without extreme training routines, strict diets or calorie counting.

From working exclusively with clients in Norway, the new online coaching service will now give people anywhere in the world access to the life-changing  Athletic Biotuning method!


The service is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of injuries, disorders or diseases. Although the methods used in ABT do not pose any known increased health risk compared to other fitness exercise and diet, medical screening of blood values and a general health check with a doctor before starting and during the Athletic Biotuning program are recommended as a preventive safety measure that should be taken with the start up of any new fitness regimen! Athletic Biotuning is not responsible for any consequences of underlying illness or injury, as well as for any injuries or health conditions that may occur during the practice of recommended exercise or diet.

The results of Athletic Biotuning (ABT) will vary from person to person, depending on genetic predisposition, training experience, health status, age and personal effort.


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