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 Who is behind Athletic Biotuning

The lifestyle method Athletic Biotuning is originally based on a pioneering medical nutrition method for treatment of metabolic imbalances, developed by internationally leading specialists in the field. Further development into a holistic Health & Fitness lifestyle method for most people has been led by Børre Bendiksen, Norwegian nutrition specialized fitness-physiotherapist and co-founder and concept developer of the international Health club chain Elixia (Now merged with SATS).


More than 30 years of dedication in method testing and science research studies in metabolic health, chronobiology, sports nutrition, muscular hypertrophy & strength training physiology has resulted in a special expertise in epi-genetic optimization of body composition and prevention and reversal of physical decay.

By self practicing the Athletic Biotuning lifestyle for the last years, both body composition and physical performance has peaked at a lifetime high at age 59. (see video below)

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