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Do you experience that your body composition, health and fitness no longer matches your youthful sporty identity or expectations for good health or performance in your favorite activities?

​Have you tried different methods to optimize your health and develop a more athletic body, reduce your body fat percentage or build muscle, without sustainable results that makes a difference?

Do you think age, bad genetics or too little willpower is the reason you have failed?


There is a significantly greater chance that your lack of success is due to choosing diets and training methods without any effect on the most common underlying systemic root cause behind physical decline and the development of unhealthy body composition;

Lifestyle-related, slowed down metabolic and anabolic processes, insulin resistance and imbalances in hormonal appetite regulation, caused by a modern Western lifestyle and eating pattern with biologically unfavorable nutrition and physical activity without adequate anabolic stimulation. This makes weight management an endless and unpleasant battle against your own hormones and feelings of hunger, resulting in an  unsustainable struggle that requires so much willpower that very few succeed with lasting results.

The good news is that ground-breaking recent research and impressive clinical evidence have provided a completely new biological understanding of how systemic hormonal processes that regulate body composition and vital health biomarkers can be significantly reactivated through a genetically adapted chronobiological* nutritional pattern. This new knowledge has led to the development of a game-changing drug-free method that makes weight adjustment and reversal of physical decline surprisingly easily achievable for most people at any age.

Investing 5 minutes reading further will give you insight into how you can take advantage of new revolutionary biologic discoveries that can lead you to a life-changing reset of your body composition, physical capacity and longevity health!

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