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         Coaching specialities  

  • ABT Nutrition & Lifestyle coaching: Get lean & athletic eating normal, tasty food the chronobiologically smart way! Rejuvenating health & body transformation while enjoying good things in life!  Giving your body what it needs, WHEN it needs it changes everything! Reverse lifestyle- and age related decay and improve longevity health biomarkers. Science based and highly qualified lifestyle coaching. Flexible and easy to follow!

  • ABT Weight training program- maximize hypertrophy, strength, muscular endurance & sports performance

  • Calisthenics body weight training programs. Fantastic core focused strength & coordination training, from beginner to winner!

  • ABT Sport specific functional strength programs, coordination & mobility training (windsurfing, alpine skiing, golf, climbing etc.)

  • Body composition photo analysis / Body re-composition improvement recommendation & program

  • Exercise technique video analysis & instruction on video

  • Sport injuries - prevention & alternative exercise selection by Fitness-Physiotherapist

  • In person VIP coaching in Oslo and Bærum 

Motivating online programs, flexible and easy to follow! - From sedentary to pro athlete! 


The results of Athletic Biotuning (ABT) will vary from person to person, depending on genetic predisposition, training experience, health status, age and personal effort. The service is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of injuries, disorders or diseases. The customer is responsible for the consequences of any underlying illness or injury, as well as for any injuries that may occur during the practice of Athletic Biotuning. Although the methods used in ABT do not pose any known increased health risk compared to other exercise and diet, medical screening of blood values and a general health check with a doctor before starting and during the Athletic Biotuning program are recommended, as a preventive safety measure!


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