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Cut body fat
How ABT works 

For most people, a change in body composition with increasing body fat percentage and reduction in muscle mass and strength starts already in the mid-20's if you don't specifically exercise and eat optimally to prevent physical decay. This is a result of a combination of many factors, like a gradual decrease in anabolic hormonal production, reduced insulin sensitivity, less effective protein synthesis and reduction in metabolic burn rate. The sum of these changes also results in a reduction in physical performance and increased risk of injuries when practicing sport activities that were well tolerated in younger days. Overall, a poor starting point for maximum enjoyment of an active lifestyle and activities one is passionate about, and a poor starting point for longevity health, immune system and well being in general.

Caloric restriction diets to try to reduce body fat is unsustainable for most people and results best case in short term success. It can actually worsen the situation, since caloric restriction often results in loss of muscle mass, the organ responsible for metabolic and anabolic efficiency and longevity health!

The good news is that there has been developed a method that has made it easy and never to late to do some thing about it!

Athletic Biotuning™  (ABT) works on a systemic hormonal level through a flexible, auto-regulating nutrition method based on strategic macro-nutrient selection and timing, adapted to your body's changing and highly different activity dependent and chronobiologic real nutritional needs.
The method re-sensitizes and re-activates slowed down metabolic and anabolic hormonal processes and stimulates cell-renewal by autophagy, transforming longevity health biomarkers and body composition back towards younger days far more efficient and healthier levels.  This in contrast to standard caloric restriction diets, which only treat the symptoms and not the cause, are hard and unpleasant to follow and seldom give long term results


The ABT-method activates "metabolic switching", resetting the body to prioritize energy from stored body fat instead of energy from the last meal you ate, without having to follow an unpleasant and inconvenient low carb diet. The effect is achieved by an unique, easy & pleasant to follow nutrition protocol, consisting of a combination of an flexible form of time restricted eating pattern combined with food selection based on macro nutrient content in normal food you like and tolerate, adapted to your body's different activity dependent and chronobiological real nutritional needs.

Auto-regulating means that the feeling of hunger is reset to correlate with your body's changing real nutritional needs and makes it far more efficient at using ketones from stored body fat as main energy fuel source.

Go from carb dependent storage mode to fat burning anabolic mode!

The ABT method changes most people's hormonal response to nutrition and training within a few weeks. By re-sensitizing receptors for hunger and satiety  signalling hormones, you will experience that the feeling of hunger will gradually begin to correlate with your body's real nutritional needs. The result is a life-changing new situation for most people. When hormonally adapted to this new eating pattern, you can eat tasty & nutrient rich food you really like until satiated every day, while staying lean!

Simply explained: Giving your body what it really needs, WHEN it needs it, changes EVERYTHING! 



The ABT nutrition E-guide describes in detail how you strategically can compose and time your meals with food choices with the macronutrient content your body's changing needs to maximize the different metabolic, anabolic and catabolic phases.  

The human body is extremely adaptable and in only 2-4 weeks most people will start to go through significant hormonal and physical changes, without unpleasant hunger or the need of exhausting cardio training as a tool to loose weight. Already after 4 weeks will most people experience noticeable physical and energy improvements. Athletic Biotuning™ is easy and pleasant to follow as a permanent lifestyle method for most people. Unlike all other nutrition methods; when adapted to the flexible & auto-regulating eating pattern of Athletic Biotuning, you can eat normal, tasty & nutrient rich food you really like until satiated at all meals while getting and staying lean! 
The effects of Athletic Biotuning can be further maximized if combined with the anabolic stimulating, hypertrophy focused ABT resistance training program. The combination and interaction of these methods significantly reactivates inter-cellular anabolic signaling and triggers a stronger and more prolonged muscle protein synthesis response, maximizing the ability to build muscle and burn body fat, not at the same time, but in short micro-cycles, several times a week.
  • ABT main goals:

  • Maximize fat burning in daily "cutting" micro-cycles through the release of ketones from stored body fat on rest days and pre-workout on training days

  • Maximize restitution and hypertrophy/muscle building in "bulking" micro-cycles post work out on training days, several times each week

  • Increase metabolic & anabolic hormonal sensitivity and production

  • Optimize longevity health biomarkers 

  • Activation of cell renewal by autophagy

Nutrition methods used in Athletic Biotuning:

  1. Flexi-fasting : A gradual introduction to an moderate form of time restricted eating/ intermittent fasting we call Flexi-fasting 3-5 days a week - A gradual adjustment to a target eating window of 6-8 hours when fully adapted,  happens without unpleasant hunger or blood sugar fall for most people when following the ABT-guidelines. Flexi-fasting reactivates slowed down metabolic processes and increases insulin sensitivity, resetting the body to utilize stored body fat as main fuel source without the need of a daily low carb diet.

  2. Chronobiologic macronutrient adaptation:  Giving your body the type of nutrition it really needs, WHEN it needs it, has a great impact on food partitioning, simply explained how your body utilizes the food you eat. The ABT-method stimulates the body to utilize the nutrients in the food you eat to restitution and building new lean tissue instead of fat storage and energy fueling. The method focuses on making food choices based on macro-nutrient content adapted to your body's changing activity and chronobiological cyclic dependent needs. The ABT nutrition E-guide describes in detail how you strategically can compose your meals with food choices based on macronutrient content to maximize the different metabolic, anabolic and catabolic phases.

  3. Protein focus: Fewer but larger, nutrient rich meals with plenty of high quality protein that keep you satiated for longer periods and eliminates blood sugar fall and cravings for sugar and snacking between meals

  4. Re-feed days: 1-2 days a week with room for enjoying your favorite calorie dense food , desserts & drinks (for pleasure and to prevent starvation mode, a prolonged reduction in metabolic burning rate and stop in fat loss, that is common with caloric restriction diets) . Frequent re-feed days also makes it easier to keep the new eating pattern as a permanent lifestyle and prevents stagnation in progress.


The combination and interaction of these methods re-activates your metabolic switch and anabolic hormonal processes, maximizing the ability to burn stored body fat and build muscle, not at the same time, but in short micro-cycles, several times a week.


Timing - the key to lasting success! 

The body has very different fluctuating nutritional needs and food is processed and utilized in different ways at different times of the day influenced by activity, rest, sleep and the body's internal, circadian rhythm.  The body's cells have also their own time units or "clocks" in the mitochondria, where different processes oscillate in cycles of approximately 24 hours. If you follow the simple ABT nutritional guidelines with recommended food choices adapted to these variations, your body will get the nutrients it really needs, when it needs it and insulin and blood sugar levels will remain very stable throughout the day.


Most people experience a significantly more stable, higher physical and mental energy level than they had before, after the adaptation phase of 2-4 weeks when implementing the ABT methods. You avoid the typical insulin spikes and drops in energy and blood sugar levels, which are typical after a high-carb breakfast. The ABT method provides a significantly more stable and longer lasting supply of energy throughout the day. The release of ketones from stored body fat also increases the secretion of hormonal neurotransmitters similar to endorphins. This  is the reason why many people experience an elevated and more stable mood as well as an increased feeling of well-being when practicing this eating pattern over time.

Simply explained, Athletic Biotuning re-sets your metabolism back to how it evolutionary was built to function, becoming far more flexible and efficient at burning fat for fuel, building muscle & strength and exchange old, dead cell parts with new, rejuvenating material by autophagy.  


Unlike all other health and fitness nutrition plans, with Athletic Biotuning you can eat normal, tasty & nutrient rich food you really like until satiated at all meals while getting and staying lean, when adapted to this new, auto-regulatory eating pattern! The micro-cycles and re-feed days also prevent "starvation mode" a plateau that normally hinders fat loss after a while when going on a traditional calorie restriction or low-carb diet. This results in improved recovery ability and makes the body switch to cyclic ketogenic burning of body fat as main energy source through ketosis, WITHOUT following a daily low carb diet!

The nutrition method will produce a significant effect on its own, but the effect can be further maximized if combined with the anabolic stimulating resistance training. The low-volume/low frequency ABT strength training protocol includes exercises for both mechanical tension and metabolic stress in each session. You can choose between weight training or body weight training programs that give you the flexibility to train anywhere.


The ABT method is divided into 3 phases: 

  • Adaptation phase

  • Development phase

  • Maintenance phase


The adaptation phase is the first phase where your body gradually adapts to the new nutrition pattern. This first phase lasts from 2 - 4 weeks, depending on current diet, general physical condition and genetic predisposition. The main goal in the adaptation phase is to reactivate slowed down metabolic and anabolic sensitivity and production and gradually re-establishing auto-regulating caloric balance.


The development phase is the phase in which the body undergoes major changes at both hormonal and physiological levels. If you respond like most people, your body composition will already show visible signs of change in a few weeks. If you follow a specially designed Athletic Biotuning resistance training program as well, you will maximize the release of your genetic potential for athletic body composition. The development phase lasts until you reach your body composition goals.


The maintenance phase begins when you have reached your goals or your genetic potential and no longer experience any progress for a long time. If you have responded to the method like most people, you have achieved auto-regulatory metabolic flexibility and become fat adapted. It is now that you truly can harvest the long term positive effects of the Athletic Biotuning lifestyle and enjoy the physical and mental energizing positive effects of this new way of giving your body a health boosting combination of activity, nutrient intake, fasting and restitution.


Opposite to traditional caloric restriction diets, the longer you practice ABT, the more effective the method becomes. Most people experience that they can eat more carb rich food without weight gain the longer they have practiced the method. The reason behind this is that the combination of few, large protein rich meals and fasting programs your metabolism to become more efficient switching to fat burning combined with increased insulin sensitivity, processes that needs time to reach maximum effectivity.


Is body re-composition really possible?

Many nutrition and fitness experts still proclaim that unless you are obese or untrained, building muscle and losing fat at the same time is physically impossible, referring to the law of thermodynamics. Simply explained, the law of thermodynamics says that to lose weight you must be in caloric deficit and to build muscle you must be in caloric surplus. The basics of this theory is true, but since muscle fiber and fat tissue are totally different organs with completely separated  metabolic cycles, calories are directed towards muscle and fat mass independently. This is called calorie partitioning and can happen when the conditions described below are present.

Building muscle is an anabolic process that apart from protein, micro-nutrients and water needs calories to happen.

These calories can come from 3 sources:

  1. From glycogen (sugar) & triglycerides (fat) in the blood stream

  2. From glycogen stored in the cells and liver

  3. From ketones released from stored body fat


Glucose and fat are non-essential nutrients that can be created by the body itself, as long as you eat enough protein. If you ate nothing but protein, your body will convert the glycogen and fat it needs for metabolic processes and brain function through gluconeogenesis and lipid protein conversion. Even if you have very low body fat percentage, you have almost unlimited energy available for building muscle and all other physical needs from your stored body fat.

Traditional bulking and cutting is less effective the older you are. Trying to press feed a middle-aged body without gaining a lot of unwanted fat is impossible for most people. This old school approach is beside being mentally demanding, also unhealthy and can worst case produce insulin resistance, elevated LDL cholesterol levels and increase risk of cardiovascular disease. 

The Athletic Biotuning method takes body re-composition one step further! By strategic macronutrient selection and timing in daily micro-cycles, you set your body in a caloric surplus with a optimal combination of macronutrients after each training session and in a deficit on rest days and before workout on training days with macronutrient supply to facilitate fat burning. This micro-cyclic nutrition method gives

The conclusion!: 

Yes, you can build plenty of muscle when in a caloric deficit! It may take a little longer time, since the body will need a little more time to release needed energy from stored body fat, but the end result will be the same. AND, you avoid the unpleasant and mentally demanding and unhealthy fat gain you will experience with long periods in a caloric surplus! With Athletic Biotuning you can easily maintain an athletic, lean body composition while you build muscle, the whole year around without the hassle of strict cutting diets! 

Body recomposition


The service is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of injuries, disorders or diseases. Although the methods used in ABT do not pose any known increased health risk compared to other fitness exercise and diet, medical screening of blood values and a general health check with a doctor before starting and during the Athletic Biotuning program are recommended as a preventive safety measure that should be taken with the start up of any new fitness regimen! Athletic Biotuning is not responsible for any consequences of underlying illness or injury, as well as for any injuries or health conditions that may occur during the practice of recommended exercise or diet.

The results of Athletic Biotuning (ABT) will vary from person to person, depending on genetic predisposition, training experience, health status, age and personal effort.


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